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The Power PanelTM module revolutionizes solar technology by combining it with thermal harvesting. Traditional solar panel efficiency drops as heat rises, but the The Power PanelTM offers elite...View More

You can save twice as much when compared to traditional solar panels with one of Power PanelTM’s unique solar thermal hybrid complete turnkey systems...View More

The Gen-2-O rapid deployment solar generator delivers electricity and hot water anywhere in the world...View More

Power PanelTM’s patented thermal storage tanks are made out of extremely durable materials to perform with excellence in a wide variety of environments...View More

Power Panel's AquaGrove is a unique aquaponics system with unmatched thermal technology, offering an endless, sustainable and organic food source in one contained unit.View More

From pre-integration, delivery, set-up and during operation, Power PanelTM staff is committed to making sure your experience is first class.View More


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Gen-2-0 Portable Electricity and Hot Water
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  • Military Support

    Rural Communities

    Swimming Pools

    Construction Sites

    UNLIMITED APPLICATIONS Power PanelTM technology can be used around the world

    As Power PanelTM has evolved, we have focused efforts in markets and areas that our products can have the most helpful impact. From helping small families heat their pool, providing military field operations with electricity and hot water to reducing the energy footprint we leave on this planet, Power PanelTM is committed to making sure our products help.

    Here are some applications of our products.

    And Many More...
  • Military Support Energy Solutions Engineered To Meet The Highest Standards Around

    The brave men and women of the US military must work in the most challenging environments possible, all over the world...

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  • Rural Communities Low Maintenance Systems For Independent Living

    Independence is a beautiful thing. But people living in isolated, rural environments need their equipment to work right the first time and stick with them over the years with minimal maintenance...

    View More
  • Swimming Pools Power PanelTM’s Perfect Solution For An Ideal Summer Day

    Pools operate primarily in the summer, make them an ideal choice for solar power. And while there is plenty of water in the pool, healthy sanitation means...

    View More
  • Construction Sites Well-Built Systems For Demanding Environments

    Construction is rough work in a demanding environment. Heavy machinery, moisture, powerful vibrations, and...

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Power PanelTM has offset 1 , 7 3 0 , 8 9 5 kW of energy.

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  • Rob Kornharens CEO-Advanced Green Technologies, Inc.

    When I was first introduced to Power Panel I knew these guys had something special and they have proven that to be true, every step of the way. The way they have been able to integrate solar and thermal is years beyond any other product on the market.

  • Jeff Leder CTO-Data Monitoring Solutions, LLC

    We've been working with solar product manufacturers for more than a decade and since we have started building Power Panel's integrated web-based monitoring system I have been amazed at the technology and product line they have built and continue to expand.

Power PanelTM is committed to the stewardship of our precious planet.

See how Power PanelTM has joined forces with companies, educational facilities, organizations and families to help reduce the carbon footprint we leave on our planet.

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