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Power Panel. The future of energy. Today.

Power Panel generates electricity and hot water at the same time.
A unique hybrid solar power system that provides all of your energy needs in a small but powerful footprint.
A radically different approach to renewable energy built from the ground up providing higher efficiency, better design, and greater ROI.

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I realized the need for electricity and hot water is on every square inch of this planet, and we designed Power Panel to meet that need in the best way imaginable - Garth Schultz, Power Panel Founder
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Power Panel maximizes your home's solar energy potential by generating electricity and hot water in the same footprint. With Power Panel, you can take full advantage of all the energy the sun has to offer. Contact us to find out exactly how much your roof or yard can produce with a Power Panel System.

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Power Panel is an ideal solution for your building's energy needs. Hotels, hospitals, apartment buildings, and food production facilities are all ideal candidates for a Power Panel system. Our robust products can withstand the harshest environments and conitnue producing when other solar systems can't. Contact us to get a free custom Power Panel quote for your business.

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Beyond Solar

Power Panel is not just a solar company. We are at the crossroads of technology and innovation. Our products go beyond energy to make the basic needs of life more accessible to billions of people around the world. From food production to water purification, Power Panel is always pushing the limits of our thinking to be at the leading edge of technologies that will change the world.

We have pushed the limits of technology to discover a way to help businesses and families take full advantage of our planet’s solar resource. Garth Schultz - CEO, Power Panel
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Power Panel - A Total Solar Solution

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Wall of wind

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"Power Panel - How it's Made"?

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"Power Panel - Thermal Tank Assembly"?

California Paves the Way for Solar Hot Water

The good folks at Solar Industry Magazine report the California Assembly Utilities and Commerce Committee passed a bill that significantly extends rebates for solar water heating systems.  According to the article the bill would target low-income communities and while ensuring that the maximum ...

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