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About Power PanelTM

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Power PanelTM is a leading innovator in turnkey solar technology solutions that can scale easily and deploy quickly to meet your energy production needs. Our hybrid solar-thermal technology is four times as powerful as traditional solar technologies, and we capture 80% of the sun’s energy. Using our all-in-one solutions, you can generate electricity and hot water, saving money on energy costs and time with our rapid deployment technology.

Whether you need six panels, twelve panels, or a custom job for a large facility, we have the technology and the personnel to ensure your needs are met, and your expectations are exceeded. As your needs change, our adaptable systems can grow with you, easily and efficiently. Our systems include everything you need to start saving money on energy costs right away: panels, generators, mounting hardware, control systems, and more. Our components are manufactured right here in the USA in Detroit, Michigan, so you can rest easy knowing that your solar solution was built with high-quality materials by a rock solid team.

When combined with our thermal tank technology, our systems evolve into a self-sustaining solution that can be deployed in environments where other solar technologies would never dare to tread. Whatever challenges your environment presents, from cold to cloudy, we can help you overcome them because our hybrid technology uses light and heat together. Like our solar panels, our thermal tanks come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different needs, and they are fast and easy to install in the field.

To achieve such groundbreaking accomplishments, we combined our leading edge expertise on solar cells with the existing, proven technologies found in the automotive industry. The result is a technically advanced product that combines cutting edge performance with the durability and reliability of established technology. Our hybrid approach to combining the best of both worlds extends to our manufacturing process, which is why we can produce over 80,000 modules per year and can scale up to meet customer requests on demand.

Here at Power PanelTM, we believe developing revolutionary technology is not enough. We also push for innovation in business practices and leadership. Our values put people first, and we support that goal by dedicating ourselves to continuous improvement and an unshakable sense of personal responsibility for our product and services. We are proud to have attended the largest ever US business delegation to Hannover, Messe, in Germany, standing alongside some of America’s top innovators and industry leaders to showcase our exciting technology.

Hybrid solar solutions like this are a fantastic way to save on energy costs in homes, apartments, corporate offices, large-scale facilities, and others. But it’s more than that. It’s a way to bring hot water to developed nations and to provide power quickly to search and rescue teams responding to an emergency. We are proud to see our products and services have a positive impact on the world at large.

Who are we? We are the company on the leading edge of solar technology, responsible business practices, innovative leadership, and making a difference in the world around us.

Power PanelTM has offset 1 , 7 3 0 , 8 9 5 kW of energy.