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Power Panel Inc. was formed in June 2007 to set a new standard for solar power systems dedicated to the built environment. The goal was to provide our clients with a superior system that could provide both basic energy needs that each building has. Electricity and Hot water. As well as thinking about how to deliver the complete package with monitoring, locally sourced parts for installation, customer service, innovative system design, a unique suite of services, and the latest technological advances in solar technology. A solar power system that not only supported our clients building energy needs at all levels, but also provided a true value through superior performance and savings.

To realize this goal we created a PVT solar panel, and complimentary system. Having years of experience in the industry, we knew what worked and what did not. We used that information to build a new solar system which would help us meet our goal of enhancing and streamlining the installation, and operation & maintenance experience for the customer and the installer. All manufacturing of the key components of the system is done in-house and is not outsourced as with standard PV and solar thermal systems.

We designed a panel that provides two sources of energy, storage for that energy, controls and monitoring system and a lifetime of superior system performance. This next generation solar hybrid panel design allows us to effectively cool our PV cells, providing more kilowatt hours of electricity produced compared to standard PV solar panels, as well as collecting and storing the waste product, solar thermal hot water! Including advanced service monitoring and server performance metrics. Choosing a central location in Detroit for our manufacturing as well as using reliable and high performance automotive suppliers and technology partners ensures our Power Panel systems performance will be superior.

Through the use of the latest advances in automotive plastics materials science, such as recyclable expanded polypropylenes, silicone encapsulants, fully automated manufacturing and global deployment capabilities we ensured that we can meet the growing needs of the solar industry today and into the future.

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Power Panel Inc. has developed a breakthrough co generation solar panel technology to maximize the conversion of sunlight into electricity and hot water. Up to 70% of energy is currently lost with conventional solar panels, and more is lost inside the solar panels construction and materials. Inspired by plastics materials science and design techniques used in the automotive industry, our next generation solar panel technology utilizes an integrated design to collect energy inside our recyclable plastic fame and solar thermal structure where photons bounce around until they are converted into electrons and heat.

An innovative encapsulating process and fluid flow channel structure enhances energy collection and allows for the panel to produce electrical and thermal energy of sunlight over a range of latitudes and weather conditions. This next generation solar panel system is dramatically more efficient, resulting in a lower cost per watt that will make solar power systems affordable for the world.

Power Panel Inc., is a technology company that designs and manufactures innovative solar PVT systems capable of producing continuous electrical and thermal energy for a broad range of applications, including residential, commercial and industry.

Power Panel has earned a reputation for it next generation and solar industry leading technology solutions through its commitment to developing the most efficient solar power platforms in the world, the Power Panel PVT 1 and the Thermal Edge TE1250 combined make onsite solar cogeneration efficient and bankable. This dedication, combined with deep expertise and broad energy experience has made Power Panel one of the most promising solar module manufacturing companies serving global markets in sectors such as: Combined Solar Heat & Power Generation, thermal energy storage and off grid markets, as well as the Federal Government market.


The Power Panel PVT 1 , which integrates our patented thermal technology, offers both PV electricity generation and thermal generation efficiently where previously impossible. The complete plug-and-play system converts 80% of the suns energy into electricity and hot water all while producing zero emissions and, exceeding the most efficient solar panels on the market today. The Thermal Edge TE1250 storage tank is modular, light and delivers industry leading thermal performance. Introduced into the market not only for the storage of solar thermal hot water, its multi ultilities make it a leader in its class with a variety of applications and under a variety of challenging conditions. Our proven TE1250 technology is both mature and reliable. Both the PVT 1 and T 1 produce hot water to generate base load energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions for new and exhisting operations and processes reliant on fossil fuels.


Headquartered in Detroit, MI, Power Panel maintains a network of distributors in the U.S., Europe and Asia serving both private and government entities. Through its dedicated team of experienced professionals, Power Panel drives product innovation that solves real-world energy challenges.


Power Panel calls upon its rich history as the foundation to make history. From its inception, Power Panel has been committed to engineering and manufacturing highly reliable and efficient solar co generation systems. Our product line has evolved and is now in production in Detroit MI. In other cases, Power Panels products are the result of our creating today's breakthrough technology to enhance building energy efficiency. In the category of solar innovations and patents, we have developed dramatically different patentable processes and technology. The result is a line of new panel designs that use less material to produce some of the most remarkably energy efficient, advanced and durable solar panel systems on the market.

At Power Panel, our history is the platform for continually developing and implementing breakthrough technology in solar energy systems.

What's in a name?

People frequently ask us, "What does Power Panel mean?" Power Panel is first and foremost a technology company. And our name reflects our dedication to providing power through solar energy. The "Power" part of our name represents our ongoing resolve to innovate, engineer and manufacture the most current technology into each of our products, and that product will deliver the most power possible.

Mission and Values

Our mission is simple we want to be the supplier of choice for our OEM, distributor and contract service customers, the partner of choice for our licensees, the brand of choice for the end user of our products, and the investment of choice for our shareholders. We are strongly committed to a set of unshakeable core values. We are: customer driven, committed to our people, focused on continuous improvement, and bound together through an unrelenting spirit of individual and corporate accountability.

Corporate Governance

The Power Panel commitment to corporate governance starts with integrity. We encourage an environment where our people recognize the strength in respecting our customers' and suppliers' desires taking the "high road" every time. While our focus is on performance and results, it is guided by good behavior. We are unwavering about acceptable and appropriate behavior within and outside our company.


Power Panel is looking for dynamic individuals to grow with us and become part of our success. As we build a team of energetic, highly skilled employees to meet the growing demand for our products, we encourage talented and energetic professionals to apply. Power Panel is an enterprising and fast-paced environment that encourages entrepreneurial spirit and values diversity. Please email for a list of current openings.

Leadership Team

Garth Schultz President/CEO
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