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Certifiably Rugged

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Certifiably Rugged

The Rapid Response Gen2O Is Built For The Toughest Jobs

When disaster strikes, emergency response crews face many daunting challenges. To meet them, they need power for communication devices, medical equipment, and a host of other tools. Unfortunately, when emergency response teams arrive on the scene, the power grid is often blacked out. Solar technology is not dependent on local power grids, making it an ideal solution at first glance. However, many solar technologies are too fragile for such demanding conditions. Which is why Power Panel designed the compact and robust Gen2O rapid response solar power generator system.

Specifically engineered for the demanding conditions of disaster scenarios, the Gen2O is thoroughly tested and certified to the exacting standards of UL, SRCC, FESV PV, and it is Together, those certifications cover many safety and performance metrics, establishing a proven track record for the device before it even ships. That is a relief for emergency response teams who need to know that a device will work as advertised with minimal fuss. When an entire community’s safety is in jeopardy, first responders cannot afford to have doubts about unproven technologies that do not meet such rigorous qualifications.

The high reliability and low maintenance cost give emergency response crews the kind of dependable power source they need that other solar technologies struggle to provide. The independence from fuel opens doors to many other applications in need of rugged solar power as well. Humanitarian operations, military applications, and people living off the grid can all benefit from the top-notch reliability this product provides.