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Solar Competitors Cannot Take The Heat

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Solar Competitors Cannot Take The Heat

It might surprise you, but leaving many types of solar panels out in the sun decreases their power generation. Heat is the culprit and can reduce solar cell performance by 10-25%. This counter-intuitive problem is a result of how a panel makes power inside the solar cell material itself.

Let’s take a look at how this happens. When sunlight hits a solar panel, it excites electrons in the solar cell material. If all goes well, the excited electrons start hustling towards the metal contact on the solar panel, which is where we connect to them to gather electricity. But. There is a chance that the excited electron will not make it. Instead, it gets recombined before it makes it to the metal contact, so we never get to use it as electricity. As heat increases, the chances of those excited electrons making it all the way to the metal contacts decreases. This is especially challenging because the problem is a naturally occurring part of the solar cell material itself.

From individuals living off-grid to large corporations looking to maximize returns on their investment, a 10-25% reduction in performance is difficult to accept. Thankfully, nobody has to. The liquid-cooled Power Panel can maintain optimal efficiency even as the environment heats up. Water is automatically pumped through the solar panel, taking the heat away and storing it in an insulated Thermal Tank for other uses. Power Panel technology thrives where many of our competitor’s technologies face inevitable problems that are built-in to their devices.