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Power Panel and Disaster Relief with GEN-2-0

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Power Panel and Disaster Relief with GEN-2-0

A review of the most recent disaster relief efforts and donation of a Gen-2-0 to assist Puerto Rico...

Last week, Power Panel joined 100+ Michigan-based companies in attending the United Nations Procurement Day.  As a company listed in the United Nations Global Marketplace, Power Panel is in a unique position to assist communities and regions across the globe in disaster relief. Opportunities within the UN Global Marketplace allow Power Panel to meet its mission to provide renewable energy and sustainable solutions to the areas that are in greatest need.  Such was the case with the recent donation Power Panel made to assist Puerto Rico’s energy crisis that started late last year.

Last year’s hurricane season was seemingly relentless, and on September 20, 2017, Puerto Rico received a devastating blow in the form of Hurricane Maria.  A Category 5 hurricane, Maria had maximum sustained winds of 145-155 mph and brought catastrophic loss, fatalities, extreme structural damage and power outages across the island. 

Fast forward several months later, and there are still residents who are lacking hot water, warm showers and the power needed to pull their lives and communities back together.  While relief efforts have been underway since Hurricane Irma struck, recovery has been a long process due to a variety of factors including lack of resources, underdeveloped roadways and weakened infrastructure. 

For this reason, Power Panel decided to get involved and provide relief by donating an easily deployable mobile solar-thermal generator, the Gen-2-0.  Through it affiliation with the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), Power Panel joined Good360, Crisis Response International (CRI) and related volunteers to deliver and install the Gen-2-0 in the small community of Dos Bocas, Puerto Rico. 

On January 27, 2018, Power Panel installed the Gen-2-0 and provided training to the community and volunteers who will be using it. Within just a few short hours, the unit had been installed and power and hot water was made possible to families who had not had a hot shower in more than four months.

When discussing the relief effort, Rob Kornahrens, CEO of Power Panel stated, “Power Panel’s Gen-2-0 is designed to meet the needs of communities and families that are in remote locations and have limited to no access to electricity or hot water.  It is powerful and rewarding to witness how quickly this lifesaving technology can transform an area devastated by natural disasters like Hurricane Irma.”

According to John Marshall III, a CRI volunteer onsite during the installation, “the Gen-2-0 was very easy to set up, logical and simple...” He stated that while the residents greatly appreciate the electricity, “taking a hot shower after four months of showering in cold mountain water was sheer joy.”  He continued by noting that while they started by powering one home, now three homes are being powered and a community shower has been set up, as well as an added hot water cooker for sous-vide cooking or simply heating baby formula.  Additionally, the usb connectors make it possible for a community that is reliant on cell phone service to charge their phones.

Donations of solar-thermal generators are crucial to the recovery of hurricane-impacted communities and Puerto Rico. According to a recent impact report by Good360, Power Panel’s donation of the Gen-2-0 made a positive impact on 1,000 lives, and the potential impact continues to grow.  The energy and thermal power offered by the Gen-2-0 is only as limited as the sun which means that benefits will continue far beyond this month or year. 

To read the original press release regarding Power Panel’s donation of a Gen-2-0 to the Puerto Rico Disaster Relief effort, visit: