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Power Panel Reveals New Thermosiphon Technology in India

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Power Panel Reveals New Thermosiphon Technology in India

Earlier this month (September 18th-20th, 2018), Power Panel joined in partnership with Kirloskar Solar to exhibit and demonstrate its 6 panel PVT (Photovoltaic + Thermal) Thermosiphon system at the Renewable Energy Expo in India.  Held at the India Expo Center in Greater Noida, REI is Asia’s leading renewable energy expo.  Presented by UBM India, it attracts more than 750 exhibitors and an excess of 35,000 business visitors representing 45+ countries across the globe. 

With India being one of the leading countries with significant production of energy from renewable sources, the exhibition industry plays a meaningful role in creating a holistic community in the renewable energy space by congregating key stakeholders from abroad and in India. With this objective in mind, Renewable Energy India (REI) has worked over the years to gain the attention of international brands providing Indian manufacturers opportunities to network, develop the knowledge landscape, engage in a balanced technology mix and conduct business.

In partnership with Kirloskar Solar, Power Panel’s full system was on display and well received by attendees and professionals in the Solar and Energy industry.  New information and materials were on hand highlighting this new combination of energy saving technologies.  Attendees were impressed with and intrigued by the incomparable benefits offered by the Power Panel, including but not limited to:

-        4X the Energy Capture

-        Small Footprint – 40% Less Space Required

-        25 Year PV Performance

Along with the given benefits of the Power Panel, the addition of the thermosiphon provides increased benefits to the end-user:

-        Self-sufficient

-        No pump required

-        No Thermal Control Unit Required

The thermosiphon system utilizes the principles of natural convection and buoyancy to generate flow.  The PVT collector absorbs heat from the sun and transfers it to the water in the collector.  Since hot water is less dense than cold water, it naturally rises through the panel and into the top of the tank.  The small modular systems can be paired together to scale up to commercial applications.

To learn more about the new thermosiphon feature, view our latest video. To gain more information on the sustainable technology available through Power Panel, contact us.