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Power Panel Presents at Solar Power International (SPI)

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Power Panel Presents at Solar Power International (SPI)

Last month, Solar Power International (SPI) took place (September 24-27) in Anaheim, California as part of North America Smart Energy Week.  SPI expanded its scope to reflect the growth of energy innovation through the addition of ESI, Hydrogen + Fuel Cells North America, and the Smart Energy Microgrid Marketplace.  Each year, more than 20,000 energy industry professionals attend, including 1,000+ international attendees through the IBP Program, and an excess of 750 leading manufacturers, service providers, and vendors exhibit on the expo floor.

The event was well-attended. The overlap in solar and storage topics drove home how intertwined distributed energy resources (DERs) have become in recent years. Whether sited for residential customers or on a larger scale for C&I facilities, DERs are developing multiple roles for grid services and utilities and regulators are grappling with how to adapt rate structures to incorporate them.

Representing Power Panel, Richard Brown (West Coast Business Development) attended and presented valuable information regarding California’s Solar Mandate (effective 2020). In Power Panel’s presentation, Richard reviewed solar thermal issues and opportunities as they relate to the California 2020 Solar Mandate.  Key strengths included but were not limited to:

-        Solar thermal is an option to get to Net Zero.

-        Large thermal rebates are still available throughout the State of California in all areas.

For those readers who are not familiar with the California 2020 Solar Mandate, earlier this year California approved a solar roof mandate for all new homes. The latest round of standards, which take effect in 2020, enable what many consider to be groundbreaking developments in the advancement of clean energy. California has become the first state in the country to require that all new houses have solar panels. The mandate is aimed at reducing California's overall greenhouse gas emissions. Aside from the requirement that all new homes under three stories install solar panels, the codes help to incentivize energy storage and include a host of energy efficiency upgrades that will collectively decrease energy use in new homes by more than 50 percent.

The solar mandate will be climate zone-specific and based on the floor area of the dwelling unit. The PV system must be sized to net out the annual kilowatt-hour energy usage of the dwelling. One exception is the common areas in multi-family buildings as they are not regulated under the new codes. During the presentation, the California Solar Initiative Thermal Program was also outlined and a breakdown of specific savings through Power Panel's combination of solar and thermal was provided.

For more information about Power Panel’s presentation at Solar Power International, California’s 2020 Solar Mandate and how Power Panel’s technology can help you save money and energy, contact us.