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From Disaster Relief to Education: Gen-2-O Offers Lessons in Sustainability

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From Disaster Relief to Education: Gen-2-O Offers Lessons in Sustainability

When we think of Power Panel’s Gen-2-O, we think of successful disaster relief efforts in Puerto Rico and portable plug and play power stations in some of the most remote locations in the world.  We have seen firsthand the impact that immediate and emergency relief provided by Gen-2-O can have on the lives of those who need it most, but we rarely discuss the incredible impact it can have in the classroom.

Everglades University in Sarasota, Florida is already engaging its students with educational programming in sustainability, and with the addition of the Gen-2-O, its students are able to explore the importance and capabilities of portable solar technology.

As a standalone portable solar thermal generator, the Gen-2-O can power everything from computers and cell phones to hot showers and appliances (TV, small refrigerator, water boiler, fan, lights, radio, griddle), making it the perfect place for students to test outputs and experiment with powering a variety of devices off-the-grid.

Power Panel’s unique and custom lesson plan offers a list of classroom activities that can provide a starting point for more in-depth studies at any level of learning.  Classroom topics and lessons include:

  • Electrical Energy “Generation” Potential – PV System
  • Electrical Energy Storage Assessment
  • Thermal Energy Generation Measurement
  • Domestic Hot Water Energy Usage
  • Cooking Using Stored Hot Water from Gen-2-O
  • Cooking Using Stored Electrical Energy from Gen-2-O


The Gen-2-O has everything needed to start producing electricity and hot water quickly and in a compact package. It comes with two or four PVT1 solar cell modules, a 200 liter insulated thermal tank, and a 12 volt DC charge controller. It provides 230 watts of peak electricity generation, and the capability increases up to 1,270 watts for peak solar thermal. If you don’t need all of the power at once, its integrated battery storage will save approximately 1-kilowatt hour of power for later. The reliable 12-volt centrifugal pump keeps hot water flowing on demand. Students and users find that the technology’s dedicated PVT system controller make it easy to use as performance can be monitored with a smartphone; users can watch and record the amount of energy that is being generated, saved, stored and utilized at any given time.

Breakthrough technology such as the Gen-2-O is a game changer for offering power in remote and desolate locations, but it is an even bigger game changer in the classroom; the Gen-2-O and the lessons offered are empowering and teaching the next generation about the importance and potential for solar-thermal technology in the face of climate change and global energy demands.

To learn more about how Gen-2-O can provide you with hot water and electricity, as well as important lessons for students interested in sustainable technology, contact Power Panel.