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Summer Heat - A Sign of Things to Come

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Summer Heat - A Sign of Things to Come

If you have been feeling that this summer has been uncomfortably warm, you are not alone.  The debilitating heat that has been felt across the globe this summer and during the past month is not normal.  According to climate scientists, July 2019 has been on track to be Earth’s hottest month in recorded history (source: NBC News).

As published in the latest article by NBC News and supported by data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the previous heat record that was set in July 2017 (global temperatures were 2.16 degrees Fahrenheit higher than the 20th century average for July) is expected to be surpassed this month.

July’s anticipated record is not new as last month set another concerning climate record - In June 2019, the average global temperatures were 1.71 degrees Fahrenheit higher than the 20th century average for June of 59.9 degrees Fahrenheit (source: NASA).  Some even foresee such abnormalities becoming the norm for our planet.  With continued environmentally damaging human activities (burning fossil fuels), there will only be an increase in carbon dioxide emissions and other greenhouse gases that trap heat in the earth’s atmosphere (source: NBC News).  The increase in greenhouse gas emissions is associated with warmer global surface temperatures, and the worst of it is happening now as the top ten years for warmest temperatures have occurred within the last two decades (source: Climate Central).

The planet is in the midst of unprecedented changes in the form of Climate Change which encompasses not only the rising average temperatures (global warming) but also extreme weather events and hurricanes, droughts, shifting wildlife populations and habitats, rising sea levels and more.

What can and will we do to slow this human-caused warming? While a multitude of factors come into play, adopting sustainable practices and limiting carbon emissions by using solar technology as an energy source is a great place to start.  According to Frontiers in Environmental Science, solar panels reduce both global warming and urban heat island. The production of solar energy in cities is a proven way to diminish dependency on fossil fuels, and it is an effective way to mitigate global warming by lowering the emission of greenhouse gases.

Both concentrating solar power (CSP) and photovoltaic (PV) technologies produce clean, emissions-free electricity that can help reduce U.S. GHG emissions.  Solar heating and cooling systems can provide about 80% of the energy used for space and water heating needs.  According to the Solar Energy Industries Association: “Solar technologies are a crucial component of our nationwide effort to curb emissions and achieve ambitious climate goals. Solar energy is not just a solution that can help mitigate our impact on the climate, it also contributes to the resiliency and reliability of our electric grid, making America more energy secure in the face of increased natural disasters and powerful storms that become more frequent in a changing climate.”

While temperatures continue to rise and there are no signs of slowing, we are turning to clean energy for answers.  To learn more about how clean energy and solar thermal technology by Power Panel can help you reduce your carbon footprint and save money, contact a Power Panel professional today.