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Power Panel Case Study – Michigan Residence

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Power Panel Case Study – Michigan Residence

For those of you who are new to Power Panel, you may be wondering about the application of solar thermal technology and how it can benefit your home.  While Power Panel offers unique and revolutionary energy solutions for commercial and remote applications, it also offers solar thermal panels that deliver incomparable savings for homeowners.

And the savings aren’t just reserved for the select few who live in warm and tropical climates like Florida…  Power Panel’s innovative solar thermal panels capture up to 80% of the sun’s energy, even in the coldest of climates.  To demonstrate the benefits that a homeowner can reap, Power Panel recently released a case study covering a residential installation in Howell, Michigan. 

The installation was for a 36-panel solar thermal array with 700 gallons of thermal storage, 22kWh thermal and 4.4kWh electrical.  To put it simply, these figures translate to major savings for a home with an outdoor pool (21,500 gallons), electrical energy usage of nearly 11,500 kWh per year and thermal usage in excess of 25,000 kWh per year.  Looking at just the savings alone, the family’s energy savings in the first year­­­ is estimated to be over $2,000 (including O&M). When applying a cost escalation factor of 4.5% per year, the energy savings in year 25 is estimated to be $6,300.  The ROI is over 13.5% per year based on a 25-year average, and the total savings per year is $3,053.89.

In this scenario, Power Panel’s system ROI is double that of a PV (photovoltaic only) system.  Beyond the savings, the homeowner also gains control and access to the system’s performance with Power Panel’s Embedded Control System.  The control system enables system installers to enter system definitions, provides system and component reporting, as well as enables third-party software linkage for the purpose of monitoring data, reporting and activating firmware updates.

To view photos and a summary of the Michigan residence installation described above, click here.  To gain more information about Power Panel’s products and receive a customized energy analysis and estimate, contact Power Panel.