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Product Spotlight: Gen-2-O

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Product Spotlight: Gen-2-O

In the wake of the natural disasters we are currently experiencing and witnessing in Australia and Puerto Rico, it is becoming increasingly more evident that renewable and sustainable energy sources are critical to our progress and survival, as well as play a key role in climate change mitigation.  While Power Panel’s unique PVT panels and technology can decrease our carbon footprint and reduce emission of greenhouse gases going forward, the one product that is a standout in current relief efforts is Power Panel’s Gen-2-O, a solar thermal powered generator that can provide electricity and hot water on demand.

When we think of Power Panel’s Gen-2-O, we think of successful disaster relief efforts in Puerto Rico and portable plug and play power stations in some of the most remote locations in the world.  We have seen firsthand the impact that immediate and emergency relief provided by Gen-2-O can have on the lives of those who need it most, and the potential for its impact doesn’t stop there.  In addition to serving as an all-in-one power system in disaster recovery efforts, the Gen-2-O portable power system has a variety of applications, including but not limited to:

-          Military units and field support

-          Rural communities

-          Construction sites

-          Off-the-grid living

The Gen-2-O has everything needed to start producing electricity and hot water quickly and in a compact package. It comes with two or four PVT1 solar cell modules, a 200 liter insulated thermal tank, and a 12 volt DC charge controller. It provides 230 watts of peak electricity generation, and the capability increases up to 1,270 watts for peak solar thermal. If you don’t need all of the power at once, its integrated battery storage will save approximately 1-kilowatt hour of power for later. Additionally, the technology’s dedicated PVT system controller make it easy to use as performance can be monitored with a smartphone; users can view and record the amount of energy that is being generated, saved, stored and utilized at any given time.

The Gen-2-O can be assembled and operational nearly anywhere that hot water and electricity are needed. Developing nations are in clear and immediate need for hot water storage and affordable energy sources to power life-saving electronics such as medical equipment, heaters, sanitizing stations, and more. And as previously mentioned, the technology is indispensable when it comes to emergency situations ranging from hurricanes and tornadoes to fires and power outages.

Breakthrough technology such as the Gen-2-O is a game changer for offering power in off-the-grid and desolate locations, as well as in disaster relief efforts and emergency response.  To learn more about how Gen-2-O can provide you with hot water and electricity easily and on-demand in remote locations across the globe, contact Power Panel.