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Power Panel Technology for Military Applications

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Power Panel Technology for Military Applications

For those of you who have already experienced the Power Panel difference, you know the unmatched energy savings and benefits that the solar thermal hybrid systems can provide.  Whether you are powering a residential property or a large-scale commercial operation, the custom arrays and options can meet nearly any energy and hot water demands on or off-grid.

Beyond homes and larger corporate properties, Power Panel’s technology has the ability to meet the specific and rugged demands of military outfits and operations as well.  Examples of some of the designs developed by Power Panel to lead military operations include mobile technology such as the Gen-2-O which can be easily deployed in remote locations and provide hot water and electricity within just a few short hours (including set-up time).  The Gen-2-O turnkey system is an ideal solution for rescue and natural disaster response teams. When the grid is down for weeks (even months), or a field team is operating in an environment that is difficult to resupply, the Gen-2-O system can provide hot water and power for communication, technology, food preparation, sanitation and more.

Power Panel has also developed more intricate designs addressing the needs of field operations for the US Air Force.  Led by Mike Tomac with South Dakota School of Milnes & Technologies Chemical and Biological Engineering, a military team acquired a thermal edge tank (1,350L) and 6-panel racking system for the purpose of testing for multiple military uses to explore the technology’s capabilities for future projects.

Additionally, Power Panel has proposed a solution to the Department of Defense in the form of three Power Trac Systems (54 PVT panels each) and one Power Ice system to meet hot water and ice production requirements.  The Power Trac is towable, lightweight, quick and easy to deploy and contains a 2-Axis Solar Tracker.  The Power Ice is HMMWV towable and re-deployable.  The complete and fully deployed Power Trac/Power Ice system is projected to reduce total JP-8 annual fuel consumption by almost 27M gallons for 700 FOBs and more than $2.7B annually in fuel costs and logistics. The combined solution has been estimated to eliminate thousands of fuel tanker movements and associated personnel threats, as well as decrease Tactical Generator maintenance costs.  Overall, and as with all Power Panel products, the system would offer the added benefit of significantly reducing carbon emissions.

Power Panel offers resilient materials and rugged designs for durable, long-lasting panels that have been proven to be highly resistant to breakage and the challenging conditions that can be involved with military sites and services. To learn more about how Power Panel’s technology can provide you, your business or military operation with hot water and electricity easily and on-demand in remote locations across the globe, contact Power Panel.