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Power Panel Production During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Power Panel Production During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Under the current conditions posed by the Coronavirus Pandemic, our world is rapidly changing. From everyday tasks and schedules to the way we conduct business and communicate with customers, new methods are being adopted to remain safe and follow the latest guidelines provided by the CDC.  That being stated, Power Panel will continue to be a partner in renewable energy and sustainable technology solutions for all existing and future clients.

While the team at Power Panel is changing in order to adapt to new risks and challenges, one thing remains the same – high quality products and customer care. Some of the steps being taken to ensure the safety of customers and those working on the Power Panel team include:

-          Remote Office – From administrative staff to technicians, all employees who possess the ability to work from home are doing so in order to maintain appropriate safety guidelines. As the company works both domestically and internationally, its network and internal systems are designed to adapt to new conditions, while operating from various locations. The customer service specialists and sales teams continue to be readily available to connect with clients by video conference, phone and email, and office hours remain unchanged.

-          Production – Power Panel’s production facility has been able to accept orders for solar thermal panelsarraysmobile generatorsthermal edge storage tanks and aquaponic systems. The production facility is following a high safety standard that is already in place, as well as following the Governor of Michigan’s Executive Order to temporarily suspend activities that are not required to sustain or protect life. Once it is safe and the local government lifts temporary restrictions, production will resume at a regular pace.

-          Delivery – Power Panel is pleased to work with shipping and delivery partners to strengthen safety practices. "Contactless" delivery is now an option for all orders, and specific arrangements and requests can made with a sales associate. All shipping will be subject to safety regulations that are in place for each location/region, as well as local regulations on operating Michigan-based businesses.

Power Panel has and will continue to be open for business, working with corporations, resorts, and military and disaster relief organizations as a partner in sustainability, making a brighter future for communities across the globe through solar hot water solutions. The Power Panel team wishes you, your business and family safety and health during this challenging time and will continue to be here to meet your needs through advanced energy and sustainable technology.

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