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Power Up with Gen-2-O Accessories

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Power Up with Gen-2-O Accessories

Anyone who has seen Power Panel’s Gen-2-O in action knows the amazing and incomparable power that it offers.  The system not only provides on-demand electricity and hot water in a compact and easily deployed package, but it makes a powerful impact in humanitarian aid efforts such as disaster relief and hurricane recovery.

While the Gen-2-O system takes less than two hours to set up and can quickly serve as a charging station for computers, phones and essential technology, its power and functions can be maximized with the addition of accessories.  Along with having the ability to power up homes and provide hot water to existing structures, the solar generator can also provide hot showers, cooking stations and workstations completely off-grid through a variety of accessories.

An accessory that has been on everyone’s mind as of late is a handwashing station.  The Coronavirus pandemic has pushed forward the need to address health and hygiene in nearly every home, business and location on the planet.  With the CDC noting that washing with soap and water is more effective than sanitizers for removing various types of viruses and bacteria, many business owners and commercial operations are looking for solutions to provide easily accessible warm water handwashing stations on construction sites, commercial properties and at various outdoor events.  For this reason, Power Panel has developed the ultimate solution in safety – a mobile station that quickly connects to the Gen-2-O for effective washing on the go.  And as with everything developed by Power Panel, the system is completely sustainable and powered by the sun, ensuring that power outages or any other unforeseen conditions do not impede on the safety and health precautions and resources that are put in place.

In addition to the handwashing station, the Gen-2-O is compatible with a variety of accessories to meet the growing needs of any off-grid operation.  From refrigerators and air-cooling systems to cooking stations and hot outdoor showers, there is no limit to what the Gen-2-O can power up.  Clients simply define their needs, and Power Panel designs a customized package and plan to ensure that their off-grid electricity and hot water demand is met now and ready to meet growing demand and use in the future.

To learn more about how Gen-2-O can provide you with hot water and electricity on-demand, as well as gain information about all of the Gen-2-O power up accessories, contact Power Panel.