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Feast Over Famine Podcast: Interview with Power Panel

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Feast Over Famine Podcast: Interview with Power Panel

New Podcast | Interview with Rob Kornahrens, CEO of Power Panel

The clean energy transition in the U.S. and around the globe will require major infrastructure build-outs including but not limited to lines for renewables, efficiency in solar and solar thermal technology, battery storage, pipelines for CO2, and much more. What investments are needed, how and when they will play out, and what are companies like Power Panel and investors like Rob Kornahrens doing to push the green movement and make an impact now and for generations to come?

In this edition of Feast Over Famine’s podcast, host Ryan Mehaffey (CEO/Founder of Feast Over Famine) joined Rob Kornahrens, CEO and Co-Founder of Power Panel, to discuss projects that Rob has invested in and is leading, including Power Panel, to push forward technology and education that address climate change and truly make an impact in the lives of those in need. Rob tells Feast Over Famine about why and how he co-founded Power Panel to change the face of solar energy, all while making a positive difference in the lives of others.

Power Panel’s structure for success includes four major areas to be addressed: Profit – People – Planet - Purpose.  In the interview, Rob Kornahrens reviews Power Panel’s unique and powerful technology, in addition to the greater purpose the company intends to play in benefiting people, our planet and the environment.

“We donated one (a Gen-2-O solar thermal generator) to Puerto Rico after the hurricanes…It went up in the mountains where they didn’t have power for two months; this (Gen-2-O solar thermal generator) gave hot water and electricity to three little homes right in the area. So, they were taking hot showers, and they were so thankful.” – Rob Kornahrens

In addition to serving as CEO and Co-Founder of Power Panel, Rob Kornahrens has built an incredibly successful commercial roofing company (Advanced Roofing), and its leading solar division (Advanced Green Technologies) out of Florida. Governor DeSantis recently appointed Rob to the Florida Virtual Schools as a Trustee, and he has been working with Guy Harvey (Marine Biologist and Artist) on a K-12 Marine Science virtual learning platform, which Rob sees as critical to teaching the next generation about the environment.

In this Feast Over Famine podcast episode, Ryan discusses Rob’s thoughts on philanthropy and how he identifies projects to support.  Additionally, the podcast explores and dives deeper into Power Panel the company, as well as exploring issues related to climate change inclusive of ocean restoration projects related to sea level rise, natural gas and electricity consumption, and how we can ultimately reach net neutral with the support of Power Panel’s solar thermal technology.

“We met Rob a few months ago, and I love what they are doing.  I love that they are kind of like a Tesla vibe in terms of technology development and just really wanting to push the limits…But then they’ve got this impact side of them in their heart that says hey, we can use this for disaster relief and we really want to change the game on climate change” – Ryan Mehaffey

To tune into the podcast, listen here.

About Feast Over Famine: 

Feast Over Famine exists to help serve organizations scale effectively and navigate the tension that can be found when mission and profit collide.  The organization’s objective “is to see the global challenges that our world faces (poverty, hunger, incarceration, homelessness, addiction, etc.) relieved and to see individuals experience growth, healing, and hope.” On the podcast, Ryan talks with CEOs, Founders, Executive Directors, Impact Investors – “the global ecosystem” of individuals working in the social enterprise.

To learn more about Feast over Famine, visit their website.

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