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Product Spotlight: The Power Panel®

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Product Spotlight: The Power Panel®

A brief overview of Power Panel’s unique solar thermal solution for electricity and hot water

If you already own a Power Panel system, then you know and are experiencing the benefits of Power Panel’s unmatched PVT (solar PV plus thermal) panels.  With its durable and compact design and dual capabilities (hot water and electricity), the Power Panel® is easy to transport, store, deploy and install.

So how does it work?  The science behind Power Panel’s PVT technology is simple - The unique and patented Power Panel® combines standard photovoltaic (PV) and thermal technologies to generate both solar hot water and highly efficient and affordable electricity.  Power Panel takes solar thermal energy to the next level with patented thermal technology (4X as powerful as PV), capturing 80 percent of the sun’s energy.  The system is both lightweight and offers all-weather capability, making it possible to have year-round electricity and hot water from nearly any location.

As previously noted, the panels have a compact design, offering more power from less space; the PVT panels require 40 percent less space than PV (with 750W output). With a performance warranty and tested wind load rating, the Power Panel is the go-to power source for hotels and resorts, commercial and multi-residential properties, commercial pools, military operations, construction/mining sites and more.

But the benefits don’t stop there… The Power Panel installation process has been simplified to make it easy and accessible to any installer.  If you or your installer is familiar with standard PV, then you will be able to install The Power Panel®.  The assembly process is quick, easy and provides many advantages, including but not limited to:

1.       Simplicity – The parts included in a Power Panel® installation are simple and easily identifiable, and the racking system is comprised of just a few easy-to-assemble pieces, making it possible for the most novice of installers to successfully complete and assemble the system.

2.       Customization – Power Panel offers customization of racking systems for any installation.  Turnkey arrays are scalable to any size and easily designed to specifically meet the customer’s energy needs; such open customization provides the capability for expansion, and offers designs that are tailored to requirements ranging from smaller residential applications to expansive commercial properties.

3.       Less Time – The installation process requires just a few people and limited time.  For example, an entire 16-panel system can be assembled in less than a single day by just three people.

4.       Unpressurized Drainback - The Power Panel® is unpressurized – Customers don’t need to worry about managing the pressure levels throughout the installation process and/or during operation.

5.       Total Control - The Wi-Fi enabled system controller allows the client to remotely control the temperature of the tank, monitor energy use and battery storage from nearly anywhere in the world (internet connection required).  LED status indicators are also clearly located on the system itself for in-person monitoring.

To learn more about how Power Panel’s technology can provide you and your business with on-demand hot water and electricity, contact Power Panel.