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Product Spotlight: Thermal Edge Storage Tank

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Product Spotlight: Thermal Edge Storage Tank

A common question received by the team at Power Panel is regarding the patented thermal edge storage tank: “What is the purpose of the tank and how is it used?” 

For this reason, we are putting the thermal edge storage tank in the “spotlight” this week, as we dive in to share a little bit more about this product and its vital role in storing hot (and cold) water efficiently, sustainably, and effectively.

To begin, Power Panel’s patented thermal storage tanks enhance and are often coupled with Power Panel’s solar technology to offer an additional level of savings in resources and investment related to hot water storage and distribution. The unique solar thermal hybrid technology uses a cooling system to keep the Power Panel modules operating a peak efficiency.

As far as quality of construction and capacity are concerned, the thermal storage tanks consist of highly durable materials and have been tested and proven to offer superior performance in a wide variety of environments. Capable of storing fluids within a varied temperature range (-25 ­­to 200 degrees Fahrenheit) and in volumes ranging from 280 to 1,320 liters, the tanks excel in multiple applications.

As previously mentioned, one of the most popular uses of the tank is in combination with Power Panel ® PVT1 solar cells for hot water harvesting. Combining the tanks with one of Power Panel’s turnkey systems creates an unbeatable hybrid solar thermal package.

Beyond the significant savings gained by both commercial and residential properties, the tanks provide the ability to offer temperature regulated showers and sanitation in isolated locations and emergency and disaster recovery situations.  Benefits offered by the thermal edge storage tanks include but are not limited to:

-          Patented technology

-          Light-weight modular design making it easy to maneuver, ship and install

-          Enhanced thermal insulation to meet high demand

-          Increased thermal efficiency (vs. standard tanks)

-          Impact resistance

-          Corrosion resistance

-          Customized colors to complement a property or align with a brand

-          High storage capacity of 350 gallons (1,320 liters)

-          Customized and interchangeable liners, offering flexibility for different applications and fluids

-          Thermal storage for both hot and cold

-          Expanded pump module capacity with up to 6 pump modules per tank

While the capacity of the technology is impressive, the size and weight of the tanks provide a major advantage; the total assembled weight of an empty tank starts at a mere 95 pounds, and no single component is heavier than 10 pounds. Match that with the fact that the assembly process itself is only 6 easy-to-follow steps, and you have a total thermal storage solution that can be easily assembled and ready whenever and wherever you need it most.

A thermal storage tank from Power Panel is a dependable solution for many fluid and thermal storage needs. Contact us to learn more about how our reliable thermal tanks can benefit you at home, at work and off-grid.