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Charter Township of Oxford Visits Power Panel

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Charter Township of Oxford Visits Power Panel

Earlier this month, Charter Township of Oxford visited Power Panel, met with the team and explored the facility that houses, designs and manufactures all of Power Panel’s products. 

In their review of Power Panel and its line of products, Oxford Township opened with the following statement: “Made in Oxford. These three words are synonymous with quality.”

And while many of our readers may not be familiar with the town of Oxford, Michigan, it has been home to Power Panel’s current 9,600-square-foot production facility and offices since moving from Detroit in 2018.  Additionally, the company’s Co-founder, President and Chief Engineer, Garth Schultz, has lived in Oxford Township since 1996.

So, what is special about being a part of the Oxford community?  For starters, unique and useful products are designed and made in this township every day. Power Panel is not alone as there are a multitude of facilities in the area that are headquarters for creative minds, skillful teams and innovative companies that produce a variety of products that run a wide spectrum of interests.

In an effort to help promote and provide exposure for the area’s businesses, Oxford Township has been highlighting some of the interesting products made in the community, and Power Panel was pleased to be one of their recent stories.  In its story, Oxford Township provided details about the advantages of Power Panel products, including applications and benefits, along with a concise explanation of how the technology stands out over traditional solar modules:

“According to Schultz, for every 1 watt of photovoltaic energy produced by a traditional solar module, the Power Panel will produce 3 to 5 watts of thermal energy, ‘depending on ambient temperatures.’ On a bright, sunny day, Schultz said the sun’s power equals 1,000 watts per square meter. A traditional solar module will capture 15 to 20 percent of that amount, producing 150 to 200 watts per square meter of photovoltaic energy… The Power Panel module, on the other hand, will capture a majority of that 1,000 watts and produce 150 watts per square meter of photovoltaic energy, plus 635 watts per square meter of thermal energy.”

Along with featuring unique advantages of the technology, Oxford Township’s story also featured some of Power Panel’s newest team members and interns.  While expansion of Power Panel is currently underway, with products shipped worldwide (Brazil, Spain, the United Kingdom, Algeria, South Africa, India and Mali), currently all of Power Panel’s products are manufactured at the Oxford facility; those products include: Power Panel modules, Power Racking, Thermal Edge Storage Tanks, Turnkey Arrays, Power Tracker and Gen-2-O Portable Solar Generator.

As noted by Oxford Township, Power Panel's solar-thermal hybrid technology has many applications, including commercial, residential, military operations, rural locations, swimming pools, construction sites, hotels and resorts, natural resources exploration and humanitarian missions.  To read the Township of Oxford’s full story, visit their FaceBook post here.

For more information about how Power Panel’s technology can help you save money, energy and live more sustainably, contact a representative.

Photo Credit: Township of Oxford