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Producing Solutions Everyday For The World’s Energy Needs

Power PanelTM’s production facility combines the high throughput and reliability of automotive manufacturing methods with the refined performance only possible with modern technology. Manufactured right here in the USA out of Detroit, Michigan, we produce more than 80,000 groundbreaking solar panels every year plus our innovative thermal storage tanks. Optimized for high throughput without sacrificing quality, our cutting edge facility is also adaptable and can handle custom orders to meet the dynamic energy needs of the future.

Using The Proven Technologies Of Today To Solve The Energy Needs Of The Future

Instead of taking big risks on unproven technologies like so many other solar companies, we adapted the tried-and-tested manufacturing equipment from the veterans of the automotive industry to produce our unique solar-thermal hybrid technology. The result is an incredibly optimized process that produces high quality, dependable, durable products.

Some solar companies argue theory. We are proud to deliver results

Take A Virtual Tour Of Our Highly Automated Facility

Our 20,000 square foot facility utilizes the latest in manufacturing automation, robot technology, injection molding, quality control, and best business practices. For a virtual tour of the Power PanelTM plant, click here to view the video. Watch as our experienced production staff work alongside the latest in automation technology and produce some of the finest energy solutions on the market today.

Scalable, Reliable, And Custom Order Capable

Everyone has different energy requirements, and those needs change with the seasons and as the future unfolds. The versatile Power PanelTM manufacturing facility produces energy solutions for today and tomorrow, summer and winter, rain or shine. Whether you need a small, easily transportable turnkey solution or a complex commercial installment with multiple custom configurations, Power PanelTM supplies everything you need. No request is too big or too small for our proven production processes and resourceful engineering team. If you have a custom job, or just want to learn more about our expansive capabilities, contact us. Whether you are still brainstorming a prototype or you have a defined application in mind, we are happy to discuss your project with you at any stage of its development.

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