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Gen-2-O Portable Units

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An Elite Electricity And Hot Water First Responder

The Gen-2-O rapid deployment solar generator delivers electricity and hot water anywhere in the world. Swift to deploy, this compact device sets up in less than an hour, making it a frontline choice for emergency response teams and military applications. With so many parts of our world still lacking in hot water and basic electricity, the Gen-2-O is an ideal candidate for supporting aid in developing nations. It doesn’t require any technical background to set up or operate and can be monitored with a smartphone.

Fully Integrated Compact Solution

The Gen-2-O has everything you need to start producing electricity and hot water quickly in a compact package. It comes with two or four PVT1 solar cell modules, a 200 liter insulated thermal tank, and a 12 volt DC charge controller. It provides 230 watts of peak electricity generation, and that number leaps up to 1,270 watts for peak solar thermal. With so much energy being generated, it’s a good thing there is enough integrated battery storage for 1-kilowatt hour to store all the extra power. The reliable 12-volt centrifugal pump keeps hot water flowing on demand. The Gen-2-O has a dedicated onboard PVT system controller, and performance can be monitored with a smartphone and through the web. You can watch and record in glorious detail how much energy you are conserving, storing, and utilizing for your needs.

Engineered For The World’s Toughest Jobs

Off-grid locations and emergency response crews need outstanding performance and dependability in their gear. When you’re miles away from civilization, equipment has to work the first time. Built with performance and safety in mind, the Gen-2-O is certified to the rigorous safety requirements of Underwriters Laboratory (UL). Power PanelTM pushes their products beyond UL and the Gen-2-O is further certified to the demanding performance requirements of the prestigious Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC) and Florida Solar Energy Center Photovoltaic and Thermal Standards (FSEV PV) organization.

Ready To Serve Anywhere Hot Water And Electricity Are Needed

The Gen-2-O is indispensable anywhere that hot water and electricity are needed. Developing nations all over the world are in clear and immediate need for hot water storage and powering life-changing electronics like medical equipment, heaters, sanitization centers, and more. Anyone wanting to live off the grid can store hot water, power electronics for communications, and enjoy a few modern conveniences as well. Or, if off-grid living finds you unexpectedly, you can adapt quickly to emergency situations like power outages. Power outages can strike suddenly and without warning, leading to disruptions in electronics and water supply for days, even weeks. Sanitation, access to hot water, and communications can break down.

The Gen-2-O stands ready to provide many of the basic necessities not available in some parts of the world or knocked out of commission by a power outage. Military and emergency response crews will appreciate its speedy setup, durability, and performance. To learn more about the Gen-2-O’s capabilities and how it could support you in your adventures, planned or unplanned, contact us today.