Newsletter - November 2017

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Certifiably Rugged

The Rapid Response Gen2O Is Built For The Toughest Jobs

When disaster strikes, emergency response crews face many daunting challenges. To meet them, they need power for communication devices, medical equipment, and a host of other tools. Unfortunately, when emergency response teams arrive on the scene, the power grid is often bla [...]


Solar Competitors Cannot Take The Heat

It might surprise you, but leaving many types of solar panels out in the sun decreases their power generation. Heat is the culprit and can reduce solar cell performance by 10-25%. This counter-intuitive problem is a result of how a panel makes power inside the solar cell mat [...]


Form And Function

How Solar Benefits Trendy Winter Resorts

The brisk, invigorating temperatures of fall are already behind us. The weather is getting chillier by the day, and many of us are breaking out winter clothes from storage. And behind that box of jackets, gloves, and hats lie skis, snowboards, and other fun things that make [...]


How Will ITC Tariffs Impact The Global Solar Market?

President Donald Trump’s decision about whether to impose tariffs on imported solar cells could cause rippling impacts across the industry. The situation began to unfold back in the spring of 2017 when solar manufacturer Suniva declared bankruptcy then petitioned the I [...]


US Solar Industry Growth Continues To Smash Records

This is certainly an exciting time to work in solar. Solar jobs increased by 51,000 workers from 2015 to 2016, an employment jump of 25%. 260,077 solar workers in 2016 is nearly triple that of the solar employment in 2010. The US solar market grew a staggering 95% in 2016, n [...]