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Conrad Eskelinen

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  • Conrad Eskelinen Director of Marketing

    Since 1993, Conrad has owned and operated a full-service marketing and design firm. Conrad has been marketing in the renewable energy industry for over a decade and is now proud to be a part of Power Panel’s incredible team of professionals.

    Conrad learned the value of a cool head amidst chaos the hard way. He beat the odds, as one of six sailors, in an initial class of eighty-one, to qualify as a US Navy Search and Rescue Swimmer. Life and death depended on Conrad and his team following precise procedures, making informed decisions, and communicating clearly during the most extreme circumstances. Whether a rescue required him to jump from the deck of a ship or the open door of a helicopter, Conrad never failed to remain composed and successfully finish the job.

    In recent years, Conrad has lent his considerable technical and marketing know-how to companies on a fresh and elevated level to help increase profits and streamline operations. Armed with an eye for detail and an ability to grasp the big picture, as well as practical knowledge and creative solutions, Conrad has earned a reputation as the consummate business strategist. Unlike consultants, Conrad isn’t just an idea guy. He not only charts a blueprint for success, but also has the resources and the skills to implement and execute that plan.

    Conrad has worked with businesses at all stages of growth, from startup companies that have yet to craft a business plan to established companies seeking to rebrand and rework old strategies. No matter the individual challenges, Conrad will see a project through from conceptualization to profitable revenue. He’ll set realistic expectations and relentlessly ensure goals are achieved.

    From full-blown branding campaigns to product brochure design, Conrad will lead Power Panel's marketing efforts to help them achieve even greater success.

    In short, Conrad Eskelinen is a distinctive and exceptional marketing executive and business development strategist. His passion and commitment to achieving success for his own and his customers’ businesses mirror the standard he sets for all of his endeavors in life. Conrad won’t quit until the job is done, and done to its utmost potential.