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Thermal Edge Storage Tank

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Thermal Storage For Solar And Beyond

Power PanelTM’s patented thermal storage tanks are made out of extremely durable materials to perform with excellence in a wide variety of environments. Capable of storing fluids in a versatile temperature range of -25 ­­to 200 degrees Fahrenheit and in volumes from 280 to 1320 liters, they excel at multiple applications. One popular use is combining them with Power PanelTM’s innovative PVT1 solar cells for hot water harvesting. Lightweight components and a simple, intuitive assembly process make installation a simple affair for you and your team.

Produce Cost Effective Hot Water And Electricity

Power PanelTM’s patented thermal storage tanks enhance solar technology by offering a second way to save resources and money: hot water. Our unique solar thermal hybrid technology uses a cooling system to keep the PVT1 solar modules operating at peak efficiency. The cooling water is pumped into our incredibly insulated thermal tanks and stored. Hot water is then supplied to a home or place of business, saving money and resources simultaneously. It provides showers and sanitation in isolated locations and emergency situations.

A Customizable Storage Solution For Multiple Applications

The benefits of owning a thermal tank don’t stop at solar. Remote locations can combine their independent off-grid solar lifestyle with well water storage or thermal storage for a wood stove. Our top quality thermal tanks are an ideal water storage solution for bountiful fish farming and vegetable growth in aquaculture systems, like this self-sustaining setup from AquaGrove. Algae cultivation is used in countless industries, from beverage brewing to fuel production. The customizable high-temperature liner can be selected for a broad variety of liquids, making it a versatile choice for algae cultivators.

Lightweight Modular Design Facilitates Quick And Easy Installation

Despite its impressive capacity, the storage tanks are simple to use and easy to setup. The total assembled weight of an empty tank starts at a mere 95 pounds, and no single component is heavier than 10 pounds. The assembly process itself is only 6 steps and easy to follow using one of our free product brochures.

A thermal storage tank from Power PanelTM is a dependable solution for many fluid and thermal storage needs. Contact Us to learn more about how our reliable thermal tanks can benefit you at home, off-grid, or in the workplace.