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Power Panel Inc.

Power Panel is a leading innovator in turnkey solar technology solutions that can scale easily and deploy quickly to meet your energy production needs. Our hybrid solar-thermal technology is four times as powerful as traditional solar technologies, and we capture 80% of the sun’s energy. Using our all-in-one solutions, you can generate electricity and hot water, saving money on energy costs and time with our rapid deployment technology.

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Gen-2-0 Portable Electricity and Hot Water

The Gen-2-O rapid deployment solar generator delivers electricity and hot water anywhere in the world. Swift to deploy, this compact device sets up in less than an hour, making it a frontline choice for emergency response teams and military applications. With so many parts of our world still lacking in clean drinking water and basic electricity, the Gen-2-O is an ideal candidate for supporting aid in developing nations. It doesn’t require any technical background to set up or operate and can be monitored with a smartphone.

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